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How To Re-Size Passport Photos Online, Absolutely Free!

Getting passport photos to meet the exact specifications of a driving licence agency, or passport issuing authority has always been a bit hit-and-miss. While the regulations set out by such agencies are extremely detailed, they are also very strict; most people find that they will always have their photos rejected with an application, the first time around. Additionally, many agencies specify contrasting requirements when it comes to the acceptance of passport photo sizes, so those great images you created for you driving license, are likely not going to be suitable for your passport application.

With the revolutions in software technology, one is no longer limited to producing one set of photos at a time. Nor are you required to utilize a photo booth or shop, spending $15 per set of photos. Printing your own can cost from as little as 15 cents per set of six photos, and passport photo software provided by CamToPrint, will allow you to reproduce your photos in a diverse range of alternate sizes. Photo editing software has realized a cost-effective alternative to the old-fashioned methods, and best of all, the software is absolutely free.

There are many different types of photo resizing programs available on the internet, however you should be aware that while they may make the resizing process very easy, it is more than likely that some companies owning the software will watermark the images. This is because they offer trial versions of their software; a taster to show how user friendly it is. CamToPrint do not!

With CamToPrint, you never have to worry about a logo appearing in the corner of your photo, nor the photo paper being printed with watermarks on the rear. CamToPrint offer a completely free, functional suite, which can be utilized for any passport photo requirements. Better still, you do not need to connect to the internet after downloading the program; all of the features are fully accessible within. Choose from a plethora of crop, rotation and resizing options, as well as “quick-fix” tools to rid your photos of the dreaded “red-eye” and “white-flash”.

Resizing In A Rush

Have you ever had an immediate need for a passport photo for a work I.D badge or an application form? Many companies request passport photos for something as simple as a job application. Usually, we are unprepared for such eventualities. We may have 1-2 passport photos left from last time we visited a photo booth, but they have been so mislaid or carefully put away, they are impossible to find in a hurry. With CamToPrint free passport photo software, you could have a program that delivers new “ready-to-print” photos, within a matter of minutes.

Resizing Old Photos

Do you still have those old passport photo images saved on your computer? Simply import them into the passport photo editing suite, and choose from a range of sizes to meet your need. CamToPrint software has been designed to support all passport agency sizing requirements from the U.K standard of 45x35mm, to the American standard of 2x2 inches. Need the photos for a driving license? No problem. Simply choose the “resize” tab and customize the size to meet your needs. Most driving licence issuers specify the same size requirements as those of passport agencies.

Do you want a quantative supply of passport photos for future use? Simply opt to print on 6x4 inch photo paper. CamToPrint's suite allows you to arrange six U.S size photos on one sheet, or 8 U.K standard sizes on a sheet of this size. Don't forget you can save the sheet as a JPEG file too, so when you need extra photos at short notice, you can open the passport photo suite and select your template to print.

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