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Photo Collage Enlargement At Home

Once upon a time, it was impossible to enlarge a photograph digitally without infringing upon it's intrinsic qualities. Standard digital cameras simply cannot avail the resolution quality required for enlargement; thus resulting in stretched, skewed and inaccurate ratio images.

Thanks to photo and collage enlargement software, it is now possible to “blow up” your photographs without it having a detrimental impact on the image quality. What more, this capability has realised a vast array of project ideas which now benefit from enlargement.

A larger format can benefit all manner of photographs, including:
• Family portraits
• Landscapes
• Head Shots

Collage enlargements allow us to appreciate the components of a picture more clearly, especially if your content is particularly detailed. In the case of photographs, it is often beneficial to stand back and view a large piece from a distance, to fully appreciate the detail of a landscape, or a lighting technique used. Photo editing software allows you to enhance, modify and manipulate images to professional standard, but you can't always see the difference in a normal size photograph.

Cost Effective Benefits of Creating Collage Enlargements at Home:

Free photo collage software, such as Camtoprint's, already recognises a cost-effective way of producing unique, personalized gifts, without having to spend a fortune. In the days when collage enlargements could only be created using expensive, professional methods, it could cost you upward of $40 to achieve this type of format. Now, with the aid of Camtoprint photo editing software, you can create enlarged artwork for free. The only cost involved is in the printing, however this is up to 95% cheaper than enlisting professional print services.

The Endless Possibilities:

Once you become accustomed with the simple interface, and drag/drop capabilities of the Camtoprint software, you will appreciate just how easy it is to create enlarged works of art from your treasured photographs.
Enlist the facilities included in the digital scrapbooking suite to play with layouts, themes and designs. Scan in images or objects with your scanner to make your project even more unique. Utilize the free collage software to make a collage of your photographs, or adapt the free scrapbooking templates, to create something truly unique.

• Wall Art
• Canvas Prints
• Box Prints
• Posters

These are just the few of the products available with Camtoprint's collage enlargements software. With an abundance of customizable templates; the final size and design are ultimately up to you.

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