collage enlargements

An Introduction to Photo Collage Enlargements

Modern photography is no longer limited to capturing a single image in stunning clarity, and inserting it into a frame. Advances in photography, and photo editing software have now realised the possibility of getting truly creative with treasured photos, regardless of their original quality.

Prior to the revolution in technology, budding creative were limited to displaying a host of theme linked photographs in a manual collage. This often meant that the edges of photographs greatly overlapped, and there was never enough room to include all the favourite images from a child's first birthday; one of the most important milestones in infancy.

A photo collage can be one of the most unique gifts you can present to a loved one or friend. Not only are they extremely personal, they are also made by your own fair hands, adding to that sentimental act of giving.

Commemorate an Occasion or Event:

With collage enlargements you can bring old memories back to life, commemorate a graduation, chart your child's growth or display a collection of annual family holiday snaps.

Create a Unique Piece of Art:

Box and canvas prints are the most fashionable accessories for home décor. Create your own unique canvas print with scanned images, Camtoprint wallpapers or photos. If you are feeling truly artistic, why not experiment with abstracts from your original photographs. You can create these using the photo editing suite and save them as all manner of templates for continued use.

Display a Photo Story:

“A picture says a thousand words” so why not create a story board using photographs? You could sum up a vacation with a collection of funny photographs, scanned souvenirs and cartoon images, or chart your child's first few days at school.

Now, the ability to go one step further with free photo collage software has conceived a great many new, creative gift ideas, including: canvas prints, posters, murals and wall mosaic designs. You can now combine photos, themes, scanned 3D elements and a whole lot more, and its simple using the Camtoprint collage enlargement suite, inclusive with the downloadable photo editing software.

With photo collage enlargements, you can transform your digital scrapbooking projects into life size works of art. A collage is a great way to depict a story, chart family history, or celebrate the educational, professional, sporting and creative achievements of a loved one. Photo editing software allows the manipulation of photos to look older using the black and white, or sepia options. Or create your own modern art masterpiece using saturation techniques, and a quirky layout.

Perhaps the most alluring prospect of photo collage enlargement is the fact that your finished collage can be printed to a larger scale. There is no limitation apart from your printer's output capability. Using the free photo collage enlargement software, you can adjust the size of your project to suit. Camtoprint's Home and Office versions of the software both allow printing of A4 size, however, the Commercial Version lets you go miles bigger; up to 40”x 60” (100x150cm).

So what are you waiting for? With Camtoprint's free software to make a collage, the possibilities really are endless, and you can download it right here.

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