Printable Calendars

Professional Uses for Greeting Cards Software

Best selling photo calendars often depict animals and picturesque locations, incorporating seasonal/ holiday themes. Spring flowers and rabbits are ideal for the pre-summer months, while leaf strewn lanes, and snowy landscapes remind us of the winter chill.

For the budding photographer, the prospect of designing a photo calendar is an artistic challenge, however new photo editing software, allows the creation of cheap photo calendars, without compromising on quality. The inclusion of pets, family, and memorable occasions (such as birthdays and weddings), can make us smile every time we write down a new appointment. A calendar is something we use every day to plan our lives, remind us of special dates, and count down to a special occasion. Personalizing such a vital piece of stationary can make the ideal personalized calendar gift.


There is no better way to remember the birthday of a friend, colleague or relative than to feature them as a subject for the month of their birth. Never again will you have to forget the exact date of someone's birthday. Simply add a photograph of them beside the date, or feature them as a “model” for that month. Customize other parts of the page using embellishments that remind you of them. Photo software enables the addition of anything from musical notes to sporting paraphernalia, and the more creative your input, the more personalized your calendar to print out.


Wedding photographs are something every married couple likes to show off. Taking original photos from that happy wedding day, and incorporating them in a printable calendar, yearly will ensure you are always reminded of that perfect day.

Using your wedding pictures within a photo calendar could also an ideal gift for your spouse or partner. If you want to add to the nostalgic personalization, customize your photographs by altering the saturation, or changing them to black and white.

Some people find a few words beneath photographs signify the sentimental nature of the image. Customize your photographs by including quotations from your original wedding vows. Nothing says “I love you” more, than a gift that has a personal touch.


Men often have trouble sourcing anniversary presents for their wives, while women often continue to buy the same socks and handkerchiefs, year upon year. Custom photo calendars could break this tradition. Why not compile a complete calendar with a date range from your current anniversary, to the next one? Additionally, personalization of your calendar can mean the difference between it looking “shop bought” and custom made.

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