Printable Calendars

The Advantages of Personalized Printable Calendar Creation

The advances in P.D.A and Smartphone technology have made it easier than ever to keep our lives organised on the move; yet still, many of us rely upon the traditional wall calendar to jog our memory for a birthday, meeting or appointment.


Maybe because it is so versatile and always hung in a prominent place. Sure, mobile devices are extremely useful, however, we have a tendency now and then to mislay or misplace them.

Traditional wall and desk calendars have become rather generic these days, both overpriced and mass produced. They may feature pleasant scenery, beautiful wildlife or cosmopolitan cityscapes yet they are impersonal, designed to fulfil a basic, organisational need.

Custom photo calendars are becoming ever the more popular; the main reason being is that they can be extensively personalized to meet the needs of any individual. Whether you are a housewife with children, a business professional, or a retired older individual, you will want something that suits the varied schedule that is your life. Additionally many people comment that commercial calendars lack greatly in variety for specific religious and cultural holidays/ festivals.

Modern technology has now advanced so greatly that free photo editing software is widely available on the internet. The down-side is that many only offer trial versions of this type of software for limited use. CamtoPrint are one of few providers who offer a full software program for custom photo calendar creation. Compatible with all Windows operating systems, it is also extremely user-friendly.

The CamtoPrint calendar suite has been designed with global users in mind. Not only does it feature a wealth of editing capabilities, it also offers the ability to tailor your projects according to the holidays and country you reside in. From a Jewish holidays calendar, to a 2010 calendar with federal holidays, any variation is possible. With a list of calendar holidays for almost every nationality, you can even create a calendar to print out, and send to relatives in Australia!

CamtoPrint's photo editing software has a wealth of additional applications, which include a digital scrapbooking program. This is ideal for the creation of a printable yearly calendar, solely because of the artistic inspiration it provides. Influence the design of your calendar by experimenting with layers, wallpapers, fonts and backgrounds, all full customizable and reversible. Choose your own family photos and display a different memory for each month, or create a collage/ montage of up to twenty of your best pictures.

Custom photo calendars can also be created to suit your annual preferences, meaning you can commence your calendar from any month you choose. Opt for a week or month to view format and organise the layout of days to reflect your working week. You could even create a 1 month or 6 month calendar if you so wished.

Perhaps most appealing is that you do not have to be a computer whiz to take advantage of the free photo editing software. Simple click and drag properties combine with tabbed menus, and labelled buttons to ensure easy navigation. Upload your photos from a computer folder or external device, edit or crop as necessary using the editing suite, and have fun organising them on the multiple pages of your calendar to print out. The design capabilities are endless, and you will also begin to realise the potential for gift creation, once you become accustomed to the software.

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