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How to Make a Photo Book of Memories

Photo books have taken on a new concept since the development of digital scrapbooking software. Families and friends have discovered artistic ways of transforming the traditional album into a personally designed memento, made all the more sentimental because of their contribution to design and production.

When designing your printable photo book, its important to take into consideration it's intention. Is it for you to share memories with others? Is it to become a personalised gift for a loved one?

The Visual Triangle:

The Visual Triangle is an imaginary shape on your page, created by the location of fonts, photographs, and embellishments. Placing your objects at each point of the triangle, will draw the viewers eye to the message you are conveying. Your font may spell love, your picture may be of a couple, and your embellishment may be a heart. The viewer will connect all three; and understand the concept of your page. This concept is particularly useful when designing homemade greeting cards.

Utilise Physical Materials:

The art of digital scrapbooking may rely heavily upon the ease of access to pre-created images; however. many people forget that even digital clip-art relied upon a physical source for it's creation. Free photo collage software features a diverse variety of ready-made images.

f you own a digital camera, or a scanner, you can have hours of fun photographing or scanning physical textures, patterns or objects for use within your photo book project. The camera Macro setting is primarily designed for taking close-up photographs, and one can often see a piece of material or paper differently when it has been magnified several times. Once uploaded, the colours, textures and layers can be altered at will, using the functions of your photo editing software.


The inclusion of relevant poetry, quotes, synonyms and phrases can add to the dramatic effect of a photo book page. Pictures may convey many messages, however sentiment and emotion can be persuaded further with the use of powerful wording. Creating your own poetry will add to the value of your work, however with the internet at your fingertips, you can also avail any kinds of greeting card verses for homemade greeting cards.

Less is More:

The old adage that “less is more” applies to many a creative project, and scrapbooking is one of them. You may have an abundance of ideas to include on one page alone, however including too many embellishments can detract from the photographs. If you cannot include everything, consider changing your lay-out to incorporate a double-page spread.

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