Printable Calendars

Variations of Photo Calendars to Suit Your Lifestyle

Conventional calendars come in a variety of different formats dependent upon your lifestyle. Advances in printer technology now mean it is possible to replicate these formats when creating your own printable, yearly calendar. Whether you are a busy professional or a home-based parent, calendar creation suites enable the production of custom photo calendars, suitable for anywhere in the home or office.

Desk Top Format:

The busy professionals have a dire need for an instant access calendar, which is why this format of personalized calendar is so useful. The generic sizes for desk-top calendars range between the photograph sizes of 6”x4” and 5”x8”. Calendar suites generally provide custom calendar templates featuring this format. Once you have formatted your calendar to print out, it is recommendable to use high quality photo paper in a matt or gloss finish, or card with a thickness of 250 GSM.

Business Card Format:

With its handy, portable size, the business card format fits perfectly in the pockets and handbags of business professionals. The ability to generate passport size photos, using the photo software, also avails the possibility of customizing such a small calendar with images of family and friends. This size is also ideal for marketing purposes.

A4/ A5 Wall Calendar:

A4 and A5 are the standard sizes for photo calendar formats, and most templates featured on Cam-to-Print are readily adapted, without the need for re-sizing. This means you can quickly produce creative, artistic pages in per week, or per month format, creating your own list of calendar holidays too. For optimum results, print using high quality, glossy premium paper/ card with a thickness of 250 GSM.

Compact Disc Format:

A popular format for business marketing, the C.D format is ideal if you want to produce cheap photo calendars. This format can be easily customized with some simple cropping (using photo editing software) and organisation of appropriate content, and makes a nice custom photo calendar for personal use or a gift.

Calendar templates take on a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of individuals, regardless of their organisational requirement. Calendar suite software enables a variety of different templates to be utilized, and options ranging from week, or month-to-view.

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