Printable Calendars

Elements to Include For a Unique Custom Calendar

Creating custom photo calendars realizes the opportunity to address relevant religious and public holidays, and organise the layout of your own “working week” in accordance with your lifestyle. Cam-to-Print have included a “Calendar Creation” facility within their photo editing software which accommodates this functional freedom; allowing users to create custom calendars relevant to their culture and traditions. Choose from a variety of templates, from a Jewish Holidays Calendar, to a 2010 calendar with federal holidays included.

Family Occasions:

Remembering a birthday or anniversary once meant marking a date with a loved one's name, however, the development of photo editing software, now allows users to fill in printable calendars with photographs, captions and icons.

Using the cropping feature within the calendar creation suite, one can now resize a photo to a size which “fits” beside the date. One glance at the photo of a loved one, and their birthday will never be forgotten.

Religious Festivals/ Traditions:

Religious holidays take precedence in every culture. For this reason, Cam-to-Print software has been designed with the ability to create custom calendars in accordance with religious background and cultural preference. Choose from national holidays by country, or traditional festivals by religion/ culture.

The clip-art catalogue makes it possible to source relevant images to include beside holiday dates. Alternatively, you could use your new-found digital scrap-booking skills to create a mini collage of photos which show your family celebrating annually. Use different collages, fonts and wallpapers to decorate different months for the calendar to print out.

Lifestyle Customization:

“9 to 5” was once recognized as the “only” working week. Thankfully, calendar creation suites have recognised that times have changed and that many of us do not adhere to the traditional “Monday to Sunday” calendar. You now have the opportunity to commence your week, month or year according to your lifestyle. If your working week commences on a Wednesday, you can alter these settings manually and customize your printable calendar yearly.

Self-Motivation/ Inspirational:

A calendar is something we look at daily to ascertain our duties and appointments for that period. We don't think of it as a source for motivation. If your life is dominated by a busy schedule, often leaving you feeling stressed or undermined, it can be healthy for the mind/ spirit, to take several moments to sit back and recollect our thoughts.

The caption feature within photo software enables you to include motivational quotes and phrases. You could choose to include a different quote for each working day, to boost your self-esteem and improve your self-motivation.

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