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Getting Creative With Photo Software

Photo editing software has long been the tool of professionals to “touch-up” or “re-work” photographs from generic camera pictures; into works of art. Now, photo software provides photographers a unique way in which to artfully enhance their photos at the click of a button. Forget airbrushing and touch-ups, your software provide you with a creative source to modify/ replicate existing photographs for your printable photo book or digital scrapbook, time and time again!

Photo Morphing:

Photo Morphing features on many software programs, and enables users to transform one photograph into another by “streamlining” it in a short movie sequence. The user can “morph” from a baby picture, to an adult photograph using just a couple of shots. This function is ideal for those who own digital photo frames; your pictures are constantly changing, however the transition is seamless from each photo displayed.


A new trend in recent years, is the ability to “cartoonise” yourself from a portrait picture. Free photo collage software (with editing features) enables users to generate random sketches or animations of themselves, which can be enhanced to draw attention to defining features, such as the eyes or nose. Opting for a different “pencil size” also affects the style of the cartoon, with a thinner line creating a “sketch” finish.

Photo Manipulation:

Manipulation allows users to digitally alter an original photograph by enhancing tint, colour distribution, size or effect. Software provides an endless array of choices from black and white to sepia, and cropping from landscape, to create portrait pictures. Additionally, photo manipulation allows users to experiment with pixel count, exposure and lighting to improve the quality of a blurred, or out of focus shot.

Montage/ Collage Creation:

Popular photo software such as Photo Shop, has long been the photographers art tool. The montage feature allows budding artists to super-impose photographs; one on top of the next, in addition to wall-paper and text blending. Pictures and text appear to float in front of one another, and the addition of transparent fonts mean that photos do not become obscured completely.

The ability to download free scrapbooking templates allows the combining of any number of photographs onto a single page, and is particularly ideal for those wishing to create a printable photo album, or who have just learned the basics of digital scrapbooking. Photos may be layered, streamlined or distributed in another artful manner on a single page. You could also take advantage of the free software to make a collage, displaying the best memories, to be enjoyed for years to come.

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