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How Photo Editing Can Add Character To Your Digital Scrapbooking Projects.

Photo editing software is a vital tool for the new-age digital “scrapper”, allowing them to go beyond the realms of everyday creativity, and generate unique artwork in scrapbook, photo book, canvas or poster format. Experienced scrappers will be familiar with basic inspiration concepts, such as choosing embellishments, fonts and even themes that “link” to a photo, however, many go a step further and enhance the photos themselves.

Unlike the old-fashioned method, digital scrapbooking now means you can always undo a mistake. This capability provides endless fun, experimenting with different manipulation techniques, as well as the addition of embellishments to a photograph, without compromising it's original quality. CamToPrint software merely utilizes a copy of the imported photograph, so you can be assured the original will remain available for future use. Advanced photo editing capabilities with the inclusion of a scanner, or using the many borders featured within the CamToPrint software, also mean you can transform a tired old photograph into something photo book worthy!

Enhancing Photos With Borders

CamToPrint photo editing software comes with an endless supply of free scrapbooking templates for you to do use as you wish. This also realizes the possibility of transforming generic family portraits into fun, themed photographs for a special occasion such as Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year.

A simple border can add real dimension to a landscape photograph, as well as bring out certain focal tones and colours. A block colour border with simplistic or elegant design such as scroll-work can elegantly enhance a family portrait, giving it that pro-framed finish you get from expensive photography studios. CamToPrint studio is home to an abundance of colourful and themed borders, applicable to many special occasions as well as specific themes such as love, family or travel.

Personalization With Scanned Embellishments

Scrappers of any skill level cannot fail to find CamToPrint software a source of inspiration, due to the endless supply of free scrapbooking stuff on offer. Should you fail to find something appropriate within the galleries, you can download further clip-art embellishments from the website, absolutely free.

Of course, this photo editing software has been designed with personalization in mind, which is why the photo editing suite allows you to “scan in” any additional elements of your choosing. Found a piece of lace, tissue paper or brocade that would make a great wall-paper or border? Simply scan the item in with your home-scanner, and customize the values of the image using the photo “Optimization” tab. Once you get started, you will recognise that practically anything in your home can be imported and transformed, broadening your creative horizons.

Create “Pop-Art” With Saturation Techniques

Photo editing is highly addictive, mainly because there is no end to the range of effects one can achieve by altering simple values such as contrast, brightness and saturation. Using the “Optimization” tab you can toy with the colour values of the image to create reproductions with just primary colours, similar to Andy Warhol's infamous pop-art paintings.

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