Printable Calendars

Unique Printable Calendars for Any Purpose.

The best gifts in life are those that show a person has put effort into its creation. It doesn’t have to be expensive or flashy; it just has to show that you really thought about the other person during the making of it.

What better way to do this than to create your own custom photo calendars. Assemble photos both old and new, to develop a calendar suitable for your grandparents, partner, children or friends. These cheap photo calendars provide an innovative and thoughtful gift to all, with the ability to interchange the photos, text and themes to suit anyone in your life.

CamtoPrint design software includes a multitude of handy tools, to create a design that’s unique and to your needs. It is a free package available to download, inclusive of photo editing software, to give those slightly out of touch pictures a face-lift. Featuring a number of handy functions such as red eye reduction and brightness/ contrast altering tools; you really can produce professional quality pictures, and a calendar to print out, that you can be proud of.

Photo sources can range from your digital camera, to old black and white scan able prints. Easily imported to your computer, they are ready to use in minutes. The advantage of sourcing the pictures directly from a device (such as a digital camera), means that no digital backup is needed. Simply synchronize your device with your computer, and the software will save them to an album, which is instantly accessible. Using old pictures within the design of your custom photo calendars recognizes the ability to portray images of older family members in their youth, alongside pictures of your own children. This in itself will prove to be a conversation starter, when people point out the likenesses between young, and mature members of your family.

A photo calendar is not just an annual utility by which to organise your weekly or monthly routine. It is a durable collection of memories, or special people/ places, which can be recycled into pictures for photo frames or handmade collages. To really give your printable yearly calendar the “wow” factor, consider creative design ideas such as a montage. Not only artistic, this unique creation could later become an adornment for the wall in your hallway or living room.

Once you have selected your pictures and altered/ cropped them using the photo editing software; take advantage of the drag/ drop capability to organise your desired images onto the templates. If you can’t seem get the design just the way you’d like it, generate some ideas with the aid of pre-created templates featured within the design studio.

Your unique gift can come in a variation of shapes and sizes. They can range from large A4 sized designs that hang on the wall, to compact desktop calendars that fit neatly amongst the clutter of your desk. Additionally, the photo editing software avails the ability to create a slide-show format. There are no limitations to the print size formats, providing your printer has the capacity to produce them.

Hints and Tips:

• Experiment with your layout arrangements prior to finalising your design. Your project is only finished when you hit the print button, therefore everything can be “undone” if you make a mistake.
• Add text headings or subtitles underneath your photographs.
• Pre-create a list of calendar holidays that are relevant to you or the person you are creating the calendar for. You are less likely to be confused when it comes to the selection process.
• Include unique dates of importance such as planned vacations or anniversaries.
• Use the print preview button prior to sending your calendar to print out. This is your last chance to make any changes.

Once you have printed your project, check out some ideas online for the best ways of binding your pages together. There are plenty of low cost options that will add that professional finishing touch.

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