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Digital Scrapbooking; The Basics

Scissors and glue have had their day, along with ruined carpets and upholstery. The age of digital advancement has allowed the evolution of photo editing software to include a plethora of editing, cropping and free scrapbooking stuff; all within one program.

Novices may find the jump from traditional to digital a bit of an uncertain transition, however, organised with scrapbooking layout design ideas, anyone can master beginner scrapbooking.

Organise Your Photos:

In order to simplify the sourcing of photos, it is recommendable to organise them into relevant folders on your computer. Often, when importing photos to any photo software, it can be difficult to track down the location of one file if it is unnamed. Organising your photos into pre-photo book folders will also provide instant access to them when you come to create your free printable scrapbooking pages.

Choose Your Software:

Whether you require a basic editing suite, or an advanced creative program, there are literally thousands of products available. Choosing the right product depends upon your intention, however if you are unfamiliar with digital scrapbooking, a program such as Cam-to-Print is ideal due to it's basic, and advanced functionalities, as well as the ability to download free templates for scrapbooking.

3. Import Your Photos:

Photo software often comes with some form of built in tutorial or help guide. “Cam to Print” provides an extremely in-depth, yet simplistic tutorial, taking users through the basal methods by which to import photos, and subsequently organise them within the program. If you are unable to locate an import short-cut, you can generally access the feature via the tabbed, drop-down menu of the program.

4. Alter Your Image Properties:

Before you commence adding effects and changes, it is ideal to check the properties of your image in terms of size, pixel quality and rotation. Photos often require some basic modification in order to achieve the best printing results.

5. Apply Features and Creative Attributes:

Now you have become familiar with the interface of your software, you can begin to experiment with the effect features. Dependant on the scrapbooking layout ideas you wish to apply to your printable photo book, you may wish to apply a number of different basal effects such as “colour draining”, or contrast alteration.

You have now achieved the basics of digital scrapbooking, with free scrapbooking download templates and can advance to the compilation of stylish photo books, to present as gifts for any occasion.

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