Getting Started With the Creation of Stunning Photobooks and Scrapbooks

Photo editing software realises a whole world of opportunity when it comes to enhancing, cropping and creatively improving your photographs. With Cam to Prints' unique free suite, it is also possible to create stunning, full colour photobooks, free printable scrapbooking pages and memorable photo albums; without enlisting the help of a professional.

We all have a wealth of photos stored within folders on our P.C or digital camera; which once taken, tend to remain within the confines of those folders, never to be viewed and enjoyed. Using the Cam to Print software, you can quickly and easily upload photos to create greeting cards, calendars and coffee table photobooks, ideal for any occasion. Creating personalized photobooks and scrapbooks is so simple that children can also create their own masterpieces.

Get started with your unique photobook by downloading the user-friendly Cam to Print software, absolutely free. The Install Wizard will guide you through this short process, and once completed, you can instantly take advantage of the software to create high quality, printable pages for any creative project within the home or office.

What is a Photobook?

A photobook is an exciting format of photo album, compiling a number of digital photos from birthdays, weddings, bar mitvahs or festivals and grouping them artistically onto printable pages. Your pages can be printed onto high quality paper, then bound in a beautiful hard, or soft back material for you to keep as a permanent memento, or present as a gift.

What is a Scrapbook?

Similar to the photobook, a digital scrapbook is a collection of memories, literature or artwork grouped creatively onto printable pages. The Cam to Print software features a wide range of clip arts, wallpapers, fonts and backgrounds, as well as a variety of scrapbooking layout design ideas to inspire your creative flow. You can also free download templates scrapbooking right here on the Cam to Print website.

The Benefits of Photobook Design Software

First and foremost, photobook creation is a fun and engaging project which relies upon little creative input to achieve professional looking results. Cam to Print's photo editing software features a spectacular range of project design ideas and layouts, ideal for beginner scrapbooking. Choose to experiment with backgrounds, fonts and themes, or allow the software to provide you with design ideas. It's that easy.

Advancements in software technology mean it is now possible to create a plethora of inspirational products, from personalised calendars, to unique greeting cards, without purchasing expensive graphic software. The Cam to Print suite features everything you need to create personalised photobooks and scrapbooks absolutely free. With the aid of step-by-step tutorials you will be on your way to the creation of your first printable photobook within minutes.

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