The Benefits of Digital Scrapbooking Software.

Traditional scrapbooking has always been an enjoyable and creative pastime, well before the age of digital scrapbooking. Scrappers could avail all manner of materials, images and textures by cutting up old magazines, catalogues, greetings cards and family photos. Materials could also be sourced from the bargain boxes of craft suppliers and stores, however, “scrap-hunting” was an arduous mission, and not always fruitful. Sometimes you simply had to make do with what you had which greatly limited your creativity and results. Worse still, you utilized old family photos which could never be replaced!

Face it, manual scrapping is time-consuming, messy and not always worthwhile. How many times have you created a masterpiece only to tip over the P.V.A glue, or get your fingers stuck to the page?

With digital scrapbooking, there is no mess. No laborious organising of materials or finding places to store them. Everything is done on the great utility that is: the computer! And what's more, there is now free, no-strings attached photo editing software, with which to really get your creative juices flowing.

Camtoprint's unique photo editing software not only offers a wealth of photo manipulation and editing features; it also doubles up as a creative graphic design suite, with a user-friendly interface. The art of scrapping is no longer confined to the manual “cut and paste” method. With the CamtoPrint software, you can customize, crop, resize and rotate your images; add layering, textures, effects and watermarks, all at the click of your mouse. The handy “album save” feature also means you can come back to your project, as and when you choose.

Entering the world of digital scrapbooking will realise a whole host of ambitious, inspired ideas for your treasured photographs. Create photobooks and digital scrapbooks as gifts for loved ones. Develop free printable scrapbooking pages for a theme book, to present to your children. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, digital scrapbooking would not be true to the traditional art if you had no access to additional materials. With CamtoPrint's software, you also gain access to a wealth of free scrapbooking templates and scrapbooking layout design ideas. The scrapbooking suite is already home to a plethora of categorized clip-arts, wallpapers and backgrounds, however there is an endless additional supply downloadable from right here on the website. All can be customized by colour, size, texture and layout to create truly unique scrapbooking pages.

The internet is alive with an abundance of digital scrapbooking ideas and themes. Some simple research can assist in providing inspiration, however, the tips section here on the Camtoprint website may also realize some of the artistic possibilities.

Digital scrapbooking has reinvented a popular hobby, giving scrappers more power than ever over their creative input. Never again will a project be ruined because you glued something in the wrong place; simply click the “undo” tab within the drop-down edit menu and start over. Similarly, your materials and creative supplies will never age. In fact, with the continual developments being made within scrapbooking software, they will continue to improve in quality! Perhaps the most attractive feature of digital scrapbooking, is that you can reproduce the same masterpiece again and again, making it an ideal tool for a marketing drive, or a commemorative birthday book.

Whatever project you choose to undertake, digital scrapbooking will open your eyes to a whole new world of exciting creative ideas. With a non-exhaustive supply of materials, you will never be stuck for inspiration again.

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