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Design Tips for the Creation of Your Digital Scrapbook

Digital scrapbooking is a new way of making your memories and creativity come alive. High resolution quality, coupled with the sheer abundance of free digital scrapbooking elements can influence your creations, to the extent they jump off the page.

If you are new to digital scrapbooking and have not used photo editing software before; CamtoPrint provide the best software to get you started. With click and drop functions, navigable menus and detailed tutorials, anyone can become a master of the art.


Scrapbook layout design ideas are individual and unique to each person. They provide a way of expressing emotions and sentiments, adding structure to the theme that is trying to be achieved. You may already have an idea of the kind of layout you want for your project. If not, CamtoPrint have a diverse range of ready-to-go templates and layouts to assist you. What more, they are fully customizable.

• Get started by making your photo selection from the album destination folder.
• Select a range of images. The program will automatically import your images, ready to use.
• Select a layout template, or customize one to a suitable size using the edit function. With a wide selection of additional free scrapbooking templates, you will definitely find something to inspire you. Download free templates for scrapbooking from the website.


The layout of your printable scrapbooking pages is of key importance. You want to draw your audience's eye to the feature areas (such as key photographs).

• Ensure your images are of the correct size, rotation and layout. You can edit, enhance and crop your photos using the inclusive photo editing software. You can also fix the clarity and contrast of your images while in this mode.
• Familiarise yourself with all the layout possibilities by dragging your images onto the template. With a simple click of your mouse, you can drag, alternate and organize your images in any way you choose. Additionally, the clever zoom in/out feature means you can bring your images to the forefront of your template.
• Check that your images are not overlapping the margins or perimeter border of the page; or else they will be invisible when it comes to printing.
• Add an interesting border by selecting one of many pre-created frames under the right-hand “Frames” tab.


This is often the feature that stands out before anything else. Colour reflects the theme of the scrapbook page. Using red and gold will create a bold and eye catching design, whereas if pale colours are used, the page is more calm and detached; the eye will focus more on it's features, than it's colour theme.

• Experiment with the spectrum of colours available using the colour palette.
• Edit the colour of your template by simply changing the properties, transparency or texture in the right hand editing pane.


The use of clever, simple wording within your digital scrapbooking will assist with conveying your theme and intent, as well as your sentiments.

• Add text anywhere onto your pictures or templates by clicking the “T” tab at the top of the design window.
• Move your words around using the drag and drop capability. Alternatively, utilize the rotational tool and skew your words for a quirky look.

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with multiple layouts, designs and themes when creating your free printable scrapbooking pages. The handy “undo” button is always there should you dislike the end result, and remember, in personal design, there are no rules!

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