About the Photobook/ Scrapbook Design Software

Camtoprint is an established leader in the provision of cutting edge technology, specialising in photo editing and graphic design software. With an innovative and intuitive interface, CamtoPrint's photo editing software not only offers photo manipulation capability, but a whole host of additional and unique features.

You don't need to be computers whizz to use CamtoPrint's image editing software. Nor do you need an abundance of creative flair. Whether you want to create a printable photo book, free digital scrapbooking elements, custom photo calendars or homemade greeting cards, the user-friendly software will guide you through the process step-by-step with the aid of the demo flash manual. With live online support from a dedicated team of experts, you can also be rest assured that someone is always available to answer any queries you may have.

Using CamtoPrint's Image Editing Software

CamtoPrint's photo editing software is instantly available to download via the site, and is compatible with Windows 2000 operating systems or higher. Once you click download, you will be guided through the short installation process from where you may configure the program to suit your requirements. The software is also easily removable, should you ever wish to do so.

Uploading your images is a cinch. Simply select the photo album destination folder via the program, and upload accordingly. You can then co-ordinate and arrange your images into categories or events for instant access.

When you are ready to get started with your first project, select one of the many templates featured within the program, or use the customization facilities to create your own. Add text, templates, designs and clip art to customize your project, and don't forget you can always go back and change things using the editing features.

Once you are happy with your finished project, you are all set to print. Take a look at the diverse range of cover options offered on the site to create a unique cover page for your photobook. With a diverse range of sizes and formats, you can opt for any size your printer is capable of printing.

Advantages of CamtoPrint's Photo Editing Software

CamtoPrint's software is a simple, versatile program with an abundance of additional downloadable templates and themes. Incorporating free photo collage software it is possible to create collage pages with patterns of up to 28 images. Additionally, users can opt for the mosaic feature which allows the creation of a double-page spread, with any number of images.

Once you begin experimenting with the software, you will definitely become more creative and your project aspirations will become bigger. Camtoprint have recognised that you may not be able to complete your entire project in one sitting, so you can save your unfinished work “as-is” and come back to it whenever you like.

Other Variants of Image Editing Software

In addition to the unique software provided by CamtoPrint, there are two other graphic design programs on the market which incorporate some of the same features.

PhotoShop is a professional photo editing suite, which requires a great deal of skill and knowledge to use it to full functionality. Photo manipulation, layering and texturising are just some of the advanced functions for photo editing.

If you are unfamiliar with photo editing software, Google's Picasa is a more suitable alternative. This freely available software is simpler to use, offering similar capabilities to PhotoShop such as saturation, lighting and size alteration, as well as a batch editing feature.

CamtoPrint's advanced editing features and unique interface make it one of the best, user-friendly alternatives to other types of software on the market. With an inclusive flash feature, CamtoPrint have also recognised that photo sharing doesn't just end with the creation of printable albums. Memories can be shared via any online medium the user so chooses

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