CamtoPrint Photobook Software – Customization and Capabilities

CamtoPrint's photo editing software realises a whole new world of digital manipulation capabilities, with tools for digital scrapbooking and professional photo editing. Camtoprint have designed a free, open source program combining professional tools with free digital scrapbooking elements, to produce multi- platform software suitable for home or office use.

The digital revolution has brought us a long way from the days of manually arranging photographs within photo albums. While that in itself was time consuming, the adhesive plastic pockets also proved fiddly and poor quality, creasing over some of our most prized photographs. Thankfully those days are gone with the development of photo editing software. Not only does it prove a vital tool for enhancing amateur photographs, it also realises the capability of organising them more effectively.

Now with CamtoPrint's free and easy to use software, you can produce collages in which your photos possess stunning clarity, sharpness and depth, with a more orderly allignment and professional finish.

Making the Most of Your Photographs

How many times have you uploaded photos from a wedding, birthday party, anniversary or holiday onto a C.D or your P.C, vowing that you will “do something with them”? Flicking through your computer photo albums, you will no doubt come across hundreds of these photos from memorable occasions, and feel at a loss regarding what to use them for.

This is where CamtoPrint's free software comes in handy, and provides the ultimate inspiration for new projects and gift ideas, such as: homemade greeting cards, photo calendars and digital scrapbooks. Of course there are literally hundreds of project ideas to choose from, and with customisable templates and backgrounds, you can develop your own unique layout ideas too.

Photobook Gift Ideas

Regardless of whether you are a competent photo software user, or it is your first experience, you will find that CamtoPrint's photo editing platform means anything is possible. Slideshows and presentations may be a great way of showing off your holiday snaps, but often, there is nothing better than presenting a book or album to your friends or family, with whom you can sit and discuss memories and special events gone by. Pictures evoke memories and emotions that bring people closer.

Create a wedding album featuring collages of the best moments, to present to your parents for their anniversary. Compile a timeline photobook charting the maturity of a child or grandchild to adulthood.
Develop a themed coffee table book for your religious holidays spent with your family.
Arrange a mosaic book of memoirs from a book, music or travelling tour.

With free scrapbooking elements, downloadable templates and intuitive tutorials, the only limit to your creativity with photobook gifts, is your imagination.

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