Printing Photo at Home

Printing Photo at Home

With all the choices we have today for printing our digital photos – drug-store photo counters, in store kiosks, online photo-sites – which is the right choice, and does it still make sense to print at home?

Most of us taking thousands of digital photos using digital camera or cellular phones and when it comes to printing those photos we have more choices than ever before. From full service counters and self-service kiosks in stores to online services such as Snapfish as well as home printers we have more ways than ever to turn those digital photos into printed photos. But despite all these choices, most of us still print our photos at home. Why?

First of all, we can print great quality photos at home. Advances in printing technology and the affordability of home printers means the quality of the photos we can print at home rivals the quality of traditional in-store photo processing, and in many cases exceeds traditional photos when it comes to fade resistance.

Second, printing at home offers a number of unique benefits that other printing choices can’t deliver:
  1. Printing at home gives us immediate results. Most of us print photos just after an important event – a birthday, graduation or family vacation and we want to see or share our memories right away. Many of our friends are including photos from parties in thank-you notes as mementos of the occasion. Printing at home allows us to quickly share our photos with family and friends, or put them in a scrapbook, while our memories are still fresh.
  2. Printing at home is easy. Cameras, memory cards, docking stations and software have all become easier to use so that printing at home can be simpler and much faster than waiting in line at the photo counter or for the mail.
  3. We can be more creative when we print at home. With Camtoprint photo software we can crop to the size we want, choose different sizes – from wallet-size to letter-size for standard printers – to print photos exactly the way we want them, not the way a store has decided to give them to us. And, we can do in this in the privacy of our own homes without people watching over our shoulders at an in-store kiosk.
  4. We can save money by printing at home. After taking everything in account, most of us see home photo printing as the most affordable option overall. In store printing may offer some of the lowest prices for 4x6 photo prints but you need to consider the hidden costs of driving to the store and waiting in line. Online services may advertise low prices, but other costs like shipping and fees for small or rush orders and minimum print quantities could result in higher prices than you expect. And, printing at home is probably the lowest cost option for larger prints, like 5x7 and 8x10 sizes. A side by side comparison shows the prices you pay for a photo print can really vary. While printing at home may cost a bit more for 4x6- photos, it is clearly the lowest cost choice for printing 5x7 and 8x10/letter size prints. Since more of us are printing these larger size photos than ever before, it makes sense that most people choose to print them at home and save.

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